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Get the new book from Replanted Ministry founding director Jenn Hook; psychologist and professor, Joshua Hook; and cofounder of "Confessions of an Adoptive Parent," Mike Berry.

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About the Book...

Many people embark on the journey of adoption and foster care but are unprepared for the challenges that await them along the way. Replanted takes an honest look at the joys and hardships that come with choosing this journey and provides a model of faith-based support made up of three parts to help families thrive: Soil, Sunlight, and Water.  

Soil, or emotional support, addresses the need for grace-filled settings where families can connect with other families who understand their experience. Sunlight, or informational support, focuses on obtaining helpful training to raise children who may have unique needs or challenges. Water, or tangible support, deals with concrete resources such as medical care, child care, and financial support. Throughout the book, the Replanted model is brought to life by stories and examples based on the clinical work and personal experiences of the authors. Their candid insight will serve families who are actively involved in adoption or foster care, as well as people who are eager to help support those families.  

Replanted affirms that with the right support system in place, parents can answer this sacred call not only with open hearts but also with their eyes wide open.

Through Replanted You'll Discover...

The Unique Aspects of the Adoption and Foster Journey

How to Help Families without Hurting Them

How to Get the Support Your Family Needs

How to Navigate Adoptive and Foster Parenting Stress

How to Keep Your Family Strong amid the Struggle

How Your Church or Organization Can Support Families

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Meet The Authors...

Jenn Ranter Hook, MA is the founding director of Replanted (—a ministry that helps empower the church to support adoptive and foster families. After receiving her master’s degree in clinical psychology from Wheaton College, she worked as a therapist for children in the foster care system. She is a trauma-specialized therapist and a Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) practitioner. She speaks frequently on topics related to adoption and foster care support, mental health, and trauma. She lives in Dallas, TX with her husband Josh.  

Joshua N. Hook, PhD, is an associate professor of counseling psychology at the University of North Texas and is a licensed clinical psychologist (LCP). He has written four books, including Helping Groups Heal: Leading Small Groups in the Process of Transformation (Templeton Press). He blogs regularly about psychology and faith at He lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Jenn.  

Mike Berry is an author, podcaster, speaker, and parent coach. He and his wife Kristin are parents to eight children, all through adoption, and served as foster parents for eight years. Mike has written four books, including Winning The Heart Of Your Child: 9 Keys To Building A Positive Lifelong Relationship With Your Kids (Baker Publishing Group). He is also the cocreator, along with Kristin, of the award-winning blog He lives on a farm with his family just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana.  

What Leaders In The Foster & Adoption Community Are Saying About Replanted...

“Jesus often drew vivid word pictures from agriculture wheat fields and mustard seeds, fig trees and grapevines—to help us see His kingdom, ourselves, and what we most need. Replanted does the same, using rich images from the plant world in ways both poetic and practical to help us grasp and feel God’s good purposes for us as adoptive and foster families.”

- JEDD MEDEFIND President, Christian Alliance For Orphans

“Replanted is a must-have resource for your library! Whether you are an adoptive or foster parent, or you desire to support the ones serving in the trenches, this book is for you. Jenn writes with humility and wisdom from her years of experience working with families. Replanted is not a ‘roses and butterflies’ type of book; it is honest and real and full of hope and practical help to bring healing to your family.”  

  - JAMI KAEB Founder and Executive Director of The Forgotten Initiative 

“The loving care of orphans and foster children is the most sacred thing in the world. Those who take on this courageous journey know that it is the greatest of life’s joys—but also full of hardships and challenges. With their ministry, the authors of this amazing book have empowered the church to support families with ‘replanted’ children. They are the most qualified people I know to speak truth into this experience. For both the heroes engaged in adoption or foster care, and those of us eager to support them, this book is a must-read.”  

 - DR. WESS STAFFORD Author of Too Small To Ignore and Just A Minute  

“Replanted provides wise counsel and guidance to those who welcome vulnerable children into their hearts and homes. This resource will challenge and equip, comfort and encourage those on God’s journey to love children from hard places, and inform the church about the crucial role it can play in supporting them.” 

-DR. SHARON FORD Director of Foster Care and Adoption Advocacy for Children, Focus On The Family

“Replanted is as close to an all-in-one handbook for foster and adoptive parents as I've come across. Jenn Hook brings the expertise of a clinician and the compassion of a ministry leader who has jumped into the trenches with many foster and adoptive parents. For those who are new to foster care and adoption, and for those considering getting involved, this book offers hope and a strong foundation. Replanted tops my list as recommended reading for all foster and adoptive parents.” 

-JAMIE FINN Creator of 

“The wall. That is exactly what foster and adoptive parents hit when expectations of the journey collide with the realities of the experience. Authors Jenn¸ Josh, and Mike understand this experience well and have written an amazing, much needed resource for parents and churches. I highly recommend this book for foster and adoptive parents and the ministries and organizations that support them.”  

- JAYNE SCHOOLER Co-author of Wounded Children, Healing Homes and Telling The Truth To Your Adopted or Foster Child.

“While beautiful and life-giving, the journey of foster care and adoption can also at times feel lonely and isolating. That’s why resources like Replanted are so crucial. This book provides a practical, insightful and proven model of support for families to not only help them survive, but to thrive in the homes, their marriages and their families.”  

- JASON JOHNSON Speaker, blogger, and author of ReFraming Foster Care: Filtering your Foster Parenting Journey through the Lens of the Gospel.

“As a foster/adoptive parent this book would have saved me years of research and heartache. Not only do Jenn, Josh, and Mike do a fantastic job of taking all different types of research and condensing it down to what is applicable to caregivers, but they do it in a way that is engaging, full of stories, hope, laughter, and tears. I couldn’t recommend this book more; potential caregivers, you need this! Support systems, they need you to know this!”  

- AMANDA PURVIS TBRI training specialist, Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development

Who Is This Book For?

Foster & Adoptive Parents, & Kinship Caregivers

As parents who are actively on this journey and those considering it, you need support. But where do you find it? Through Replanted, you'll discover what support you need and how to find it.

Pastors, Church and Lay Leaders, & Volunteers

Foster and adoptive families need support. There is no better place to find this than through the church. Replanted helps churches understand the need and how to respond to it appropriately and intentionally.  

Counselors, Therapists, & Child Welfare Pros

Those who are in the thick of helping families through the ups and downs of the journey through case management or therapuetic care will benefit greatly from the wealth of professional knowledge in Replanted.

Friends, Families, & Support systems

The adoptive and foster families you love need your support. Replanted will guide you through the uniqueness of the journey and how to help without hurting so you can support them for the long-haul.

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