"Understanding The Behaviors Of Children With FASDs."


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In 2015, with their blog Confessions Of An Adoptive Parent experiencing massive growth and reaching hundreds of thousands of foster and adoptive parents around the world, Mike and Kristin Berry sensed an urgency to expand their communication beyond the written word. Their heartbeat followed that of their blog- to reach as many parents as possible with a message of hope and camaraderie. Thus, The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast was born. In its first 2 years it reached more than 10,000 downloads a month. But something was missing. Something that hit a specific target they were aiming for. After much discussion, planning, and processing, the podcast name changed to The Honestly Adoption Podcast, in an effort to closer identify with foster and adoptive parents around the globe! The brand new podcast exists to be a real voice speaking real hope to parents on the foster and adoptive journey.

What Other's Are Saying About Honestly Adoption... 

Are you tired? Rundown? Feel like you're doing it on your own? Then this podcast is for you! I'm an exhausted parent and I am so encouraged by this show. Thank you, Mike and Kristin, for being real and honest about the foster and adoptive journey! 

-Matt (Indianapolis, IN)

This podcast is excellent! As a foster and adoptive parent I find the content here excellent and easy to apply to my own life.

-Ryan (Milwaukee, WI)

As an adoptive grandmother and an adoptee person, there is no other source for education and support for adoptive and foster parents that I know of that is so right on. Mike and Kristin Berry don't just have head knowledge about this stuff. They live it everyday and every word they share with parents is pounded out on the anvils of their adoptive parent hearts. Thanks to both of them for this podcast and also for their tremendous organization- Confessions Of An Adoptive Parent.

-Sherrie (Indianapolis, IN)

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