"Winning The Heart Of Your Child is a great starting point to understanding your role as a parent!" - Reggie Joiner

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About The Book...

Many of us enter parenthood with a perfect vision of what our family will be. But along the way we discover that the children we've been blessed with are real human beings, with their own minds, ideals, and views of the world. Our influence only goes so far, and when those children reach the pre-teen and teenage years, it may seem to have disappeared completely. 


For parents who are concerned that their child is pulling away, following poor role models, or making choices that will lead to pain and difficulty, Mike Berry has good news: it's not too late. He offers parents nine keys to maximizing and leveraging their influence!

You'll learn how to Win The Heart Of Your Child by discovering...

Your True Role As Your Child's Parent

How To Overcome Past Failures And Move Forward 

How To Stay Involved In Your Child's Life 

The Importance Of Maximizing Time With Your Kids 

Why You Need To Amplify Other Voices Of Influence 

How You Can Reconnect When It Seems You've Lost Touch With Your Child

WINNING THE HEART OF YOUR CHILD holds the keys to understanding your influence and establishing a postive lifelong relationship with your kids...

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Mike Berry

About Mike Berry...

Mike Berry is the cofounder, along with his wife, Kristin, of the award-winning parenting blog Confessions of an Adoptive Parent and the support and resource site Oasis Community. He is a featured writer and influencer for Disney website Babble.com, and his work has also been featured on Yahoo Parenting, The Good Men Project, The Huffington Post, RightNow Media, Michael Hyatt's Platform University, Great Big Story, Focus on The Family Radio, Moody Radio, Disney Family, and Jeff Goin’s Tribe Writer’s Conference.  

A sought-after speaker, he travels across the U.S. extensively throughout the year to camps, retreats, and conferences encouraging and equipping parents. Before becoming a full-time author and speaker, he spent 17 years in family life ministry in churches in Ohio and Indiana. He lives just north of Indianapolis, Indiana, on a farm with his wife and their eight children.

Praise For Winning The Heart Of Your Child...

Small keys unlock large doors—especially the doors to our kids’ hearts. I’ve watched Mike Berry live the message of this book. It’s doubly inspiring—first, because of what he’s done in his own family, and second, because of what his example means for the rest of us. If you’re looking to establish a lifelong connection with your kids, Mike Berry deserves your full attention.”

- MICHAEL HYATT New York Times Best-Selling author of Living Forward

Mike captures much of the essence and beauty of parenting, which can only come from years of experience, trial and error, and learning to see our children as God sees us. A musthave for parents who truly want to connect with their kids.”

- STEPHEN ARTERBURN New York Times Best-Selling author and host of New Life Live

Mike’s insight as a parent and a leader in the church will help every parent understand the significance of their role at every phase of a kid’s life. Winning the Heart of Your Child is a great starting place to understand your role as a parent.”  

 - REGGIE JOINER Founder and CEO of Orange, author of the Phase series  

This is a must-read for all parents. Drop the guilt and shame and constant worrying about whether you’re doing everything wrong in raising your children. Step into smart parenting strategies that actually work, building relationships to last a lifetime.”  

-CHERIE LOWE Author of Your Money, Your Marriage: The Secrets to Smart Finance, Spicy Romance, and Their Intimate Connection

As a mom just wading into the tween parenting phase, I’m so grateful to have this book in preparation for the teenage years. Many times, I found myself closing the pages of this book and being immediately faced with a real-life ‘parenting pop quiz.’ I was grateful for the perspective shift and Mike’s wise and hopeful voice cheerleading me on. Winning the Heart of Your Child gives hope for a better way!  

-JAMIE FINN Creator of Fosterthefamilyblog.com 

“Mike’s honesty is refreshing! As a mom through birth, foster care, and adoption, this book reminds me I’m not alone. Not only does Mike share from his personal experiences, but he also gives practical help while extending grace."  

  - JAMI KAEB Founder and Executive Director of The Forgotten Initiative 

Add Winning the Heart of Your Child to your parenting library today, and your children will thank you tomorrow. Mike Berry’s mission to help you win your child’s heart will have you laughing, reflecting, and taking action. An important must-read for parents everywhere.”  

- SKIP PRICHARD Bestselling author of The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future

Mike Berry understands many things about parenting. At the top of his list is that in order to influence a child, a parent must be connected to their heart. He also understands that parental influence can be hampered by disconnected parenting. This very insightful and practical book introduces parents to the nine keys that open the door to lasting, meaningful, and healing relationships. I recommend this book for any parent who desires to build loving, connected families for a lifetime."  

- JAYNE SCHOOLER Co-author of Wounded Children, Healing Homes and Telling The Truth To Your Adopted or Foster Child.

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Who Is This Book For?

Parents Of Teenagers

Are you right in the middle of the teenage years with your children? This book gives you valuable principles and insightful keys to understanding your influence, and maximizing your time in this season of parenting.

Parents Of Pre-Teens  

Those tricky years between elementary and high school require some extra special perspective. Winning The Heart Of Your Child provides adequate preparation prior to the high school years!  

Parents Of Younger Children

What better time to read a book that prepares you to navigate the tricky waters of the junior high and high school years than while your children are younger. This book is ideal for parents whose children are in the pre-school and elementary years.

Youth Workers

If you work with junior high or high school teenagers, no doubt you will also be working with their parents. Winning The Heart Of Your Child will give you valuable perspective as you guide parents toward healthy realtionships with their children!

Counselors & Family Therapists  

Anyone working in a counseling or therapeutic context will benefit from the parenting perspectives expressed in this book as they work to help parents succeed.


If you're a parent, about to be a parent, or even thinking about becoming a parent, Winning The Heart Of Your Child is a must-read book for you. Order your copy today!

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